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Specs and performance


Span 21Ft. 10in. 20ft.

Length 21ft. 6in. 21ft. 6in.

Height 5ft. 6in. 5ft. 6in.

Wing Area 109 sq. ft. 99 sq. ft.

Wheel Track 6ft. 6in.

Empty Weight 1200 lbs. 1080 lbs.

Gross Wieght 2000 lbs. 1800 lbs.

Useful Load 800 lbs. 720 lbs.

Power Loading 5.9 lbs/hp 4.5 lbs/hp

Wing Loading 16.4 lbs/sq ft 18lbs/sq ft

Fuel Capacity 42 gal 47 gal

Seats 2 1

Power lyc. 10-540-c4b5/250hp lyc. 10- 540-400hp

2575 rpm 2900 rpm

Propeller - Hartzell 80in. dia. 78in. 3 blade

Crusie Speed 75% 230mph 260mph

Econ. Cruise 55% 215mph 230mph

Redline 275mph 310mph

Rate of Climb (Gross) 3100fpm 3600fpm

Stall 55mph 58mph

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